Whereabouts Marketing

Connecting your brand.

At Whereabouts Marketing, content strategy includes custom-building the creative team that will bring your brand stories to life.

Owned and managed by Sarah Bratnober, Whereabouts Marketing works in the virtual agency model to offer expert services in these strategic, creative, and technical communications disciplines:

• Brand and content strategy and messaging

• Visual identity

• Campaign planning and execution

• Packaging and promotions

• Web sites and e-marketing

Before the creative magic begins, it’s essential for me to know your business, your market, and your audience. With this knowledge, I work with you to shape your content strategy and define the tools and talents needed to tell your brand stories.

As lead strategist and project director, I hand-select from my pool of independent experts with the specialized creative skills your content strategy calls for. I bring designers, writers, illustrators, photographers, musicians, videographers, developers, producers and more to Whereabouts teams. We’ve collaborated for years to attract the right customers to the products and services of our highly successful clients.

Want turnkey solutions? No problem. Need temporary help? I can support your team, too.

Life is short, so I choose clients and projects carefully. I only want to do my best work and I also need time to experience the world, cook real food, and care for those I love. I look forward to learning your business story so I can propose a way to help, be it small or large.