Whereabouts Marketing

Connecting your brand.

My name is Sarah Bratnober and my personal story includes being raised by an artist and a linguist who shared a humanist philosophy. Due to a babysitting incident in which I was left as a toddler on a Minnesota farm, my love soon went beyond humans to the world of animals and nature.

Sarah Bratnober

Today, even my business is largely driven by my interest in protecting the health of our planet and all her creatures. That’s what drives me and the Whereabouts team to do our best work for businesses that are socially and environmentally responsible.

I lead Whereabouts Marketing with:

Insight from years of agency and client-side experience creating integrated communications for premium-quality brands using the most appropriate media channels.

Strategic thinking to ensure that your communications reach your intended audience and elicit the desired response.

Flexibility to work with your team and to scale solutions by bringing the right experts to projects when and where they’re needed.

I’m passionate about communicating the uniqueness of brands that can make the world a better place. Tell me your story and I’ll tell you how Whereabouts can help.