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Cooking outside the box

May 13th, 2014
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Local Thyme started as a value-adding recipe service that CSA farmers can offer to their subscribers, providing menus and recipes that match the contents of their weekly deliveries. Their services have since grown to include individual subscriptions for cooks who want to browse recipes that match the ingredients in their garden or refrigerator.

Updating the architecture, design, and copy for the dot-com marketing website allowed us to target messages to multiple audiences – all leading to an updated registration process on the dot-net site where all the menus and recipes are delivered, based on your subscription. The dot-com site will continue to serve as the hub of information about the services offered and as a primary PR tool.

As is typical of so many small businesses, this customer was not in a position to start from scratch with their website. I was happy to work with their development team to improve the existing site and get it up and running before the growing season started.

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