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Farm-to-School goes to town

December 5th, 2012
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We were delighted to develop outreach and education materials for Vernon County’s Farm-to-School program that’s now in full swing. We started by providing a content strategy that included specifications, cost estimates, and an implementation plan that helped the program to win state funding. Building on the curriculum’s “Harvest of the Month” outline, we created a monthly program of food education content and materials for the entire school year.

Whereabouts’ partners for this project included CreativeThatConnects and Gino Whitaker. In addition to classroom materials and cafeteria posters, the program includes public service advertising, retail signage and recipes to help get parents involved. Like spokes of a wheel, all components are reinforced with a website that functions as the information hub, fully equipped with monthly content to be easily deployed by the program administrator. You can visit the site at www.FarmToSchoolVC.org.

Best of all, the materials were designed so they can easily be re-purposed by other county and state programs. Let us know if you’d like to see more of the program and learn how it can be used in your community.


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