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March 6th, 2012
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Starting a new business that intertwines so many of the things I really love is a total blast. In my case, it’s been a joyful reunion with some of the most talented creative people with whom I’ve worked throughout my career – writers, designers, photographers, developers, and a variety of other communications experts who share my interest in helping organizations that are making the world a better place – starting in their own communities.

With help from several of them, I created this web site to serve two purposes. First, I needed it to present Whereabouts Marketing and the creative communications services we offer as a virtual marketing team. You’ll find an overview on the YOU, ME, and US pages of the site.  Second, I wanted the site to serve as a way to share stories about people and organizations that are doing socially and environmentally responsible work. They’re all over the place, and they are the most inspiring people I know. Perhaps you’re one of them. Feel free to comment on the stories on the site, and I’ll do my best to respond, just as soon as I learn how!

It should come as no surprise that talented creatives do their best work for inspired organizations and individuals. But great communications don’t come from inspiration alone. They also require thoughtful analysis, planning, creativity, management, and collaboration. Whereabouts Marketing offers a unique mix of talents and skills within a team that’s custom-built for your business.

Let us show you how a Whereabouts team can help turn your local story into your success story.

Let’s get to work for the sake of goodness!

Sarah B

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